Decantos Vinicola Wedding

Decantos Vinicola in Valle de Guadalupe is a favorite venue for having a wedding. It´s less than two miles away from Hotel Boutique Casa Valentino, which is a great option for you and/or your wedding guests to stay at before the wedding day.

The view Decantos Vinicola offers is quite stunning.

Surrounded by hills and large rocks, and with a beautiful panoramic view of the whole valley, Decantos Vinicola gives you a taste of what Valle de Guadalupe is, and there´s no doubt Cassandra & Mich chose the perfect place for having their wedding in Valle de Guadalupe.

The wedding day:

The ceremony & reception were held at Decantos. And the wedding session was held at Emevé Vinicola (which is only a mile away from Decantos Vinicola), where we were able to take some portraits at their beautiful green vineyards. And from there we went straight to Hotel Boutique Casa Valentino to shoot more photos at their incredible locations.



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